Water Cooler Cups and Cones

We stock a wide range of plastic water cooler cups and cones which are delivered to customers on a regular basis – as part of our ongoing customer relationship. Delivery costs R100 for courier delivery.

Plastic cups
9oz blue cups – the highest quality in the industry and can be recycled through normal channels. Plastic cups are sold in boxes of 1000.

Paper cups
7oz paper cups – please be aware that these are coated in a light layer of wax meaning that they cannot be directly recycled. Paper cups are sold in boxes of 1000.

For high usage environments and also means that customers cannot put down. Ideal for the leisure industry and fountains in public places. Paper cups are sold in boxes of 5000.

Cup dispensers
Some water fountains can have cup dispensers  fixed to the side of cooler or wall mounted – these are provided free on rental contracts. Customers can otherwise purchase from us.Cup dispensers come with a wall/cooler bracket.

Please call if you would like to purchase any of the above as a one off – or to set up an account and have these