Water Coolers


The Water Cooler Troubleshooting Guide

We have encountered and solved most issues that can occur with water coolers- be they plumbed or bottled coolers – there are a number of basic troubleshooting guides which we want shared with the world. Below are some troubleshooting steps you can try before calling us in. Water Cooler Not Dispensing Water Option 1 – […]

Water Cooler Maintenance Contracts

The Water Cooler Company offer water cooler maintenance contracts for customers who wish to purchase water coolers but have them regularly maintained to a professional standard. We strongly recommend that customer have these water coolers installed, serviced and maintained by a qualified technician. These maintenance contracts are also available to clients who have inherited a […]

Getting a Water Cooler Installed – It’s easier than you think!

Many people believe that installing a water cooler in your home is a tricky process but with a plumbing kit from Home Water Coolers the process couldn’t be simpler. We offer Two choice “The soft plumbing it” and the Hard Plumbing hit.The soft plumbing kit comes complete with a self cutting valve that simply screws […]