The Perfect Temperature Water

The spectrum of healthy living is a broad one. It can be seen as a subjective manner as it means different things to different people. As such, we shall explore the benefits and efficiencies of water at different temperatures.

Cold Water

Cold Water is commonly consumed when one is hot and bothered. Where does this happen more so than when exercising?

Drinking cold water during exercise helps the body thermoregulate (i.e. maintain a constant core temperature) as well as replace fluids lost.

Remember that it is more effective to consume chilled water rather than ice cold water as your body would need to normalise the temperature for use. Chilled water still needs to have its’ temperature normalised in the body, however it serves the function of cooling down the body – whereas ice cold water can even serve to shock the system and cause cramping. This normalisation process actually burns calories and as such can help boost your metabolism.

Cold Water is also commonly consumed by those new to drinking up to 8 cups a day as a majority of people prefer the taste of cold water.

Room Temperature Water

Room Temperature (or ambient) Water is very good for digestion. Warm water helps to flush out hardened fats that may be present on the inner wall of intestines. This also helps lead to healthy bowel movements.

Room temperature can also afford relaxation of various body parts and functions. An example of this is that of relaxation of blood vessels affording better blood circulation.

Room temperature water is also the temperature of choice for singers and voice actors. This is as cold water can strain the vocal cords. Warm water, as stated above, serves to relax and warm the vocal cords.

Hot and Warm Water

Conversely to cold water, ambient water can help eliminate cramping by regulating body temperature. Studies show that the introduction of heat to the body – internal or external (as with a hot water bottle) – pain receptors get deactivated in favour of the heat receptors.

Warm water also offers the benefit of assisting during a detox. As the aim of a detox is to remove toxins in the body, the warm water helps to promote perspiration – helping eradicate toxins from the body. Toxins get removed through sweat and which is replaced with warm water.

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