Bottled water coolers are relatively straight forward pieces of equipment and fairly easy for customers to troubleshoot. We will of course send out engineers to site if your cooler is not working but we encourage customers to try a couple of straight forward tips that could get you up and running in a few minutes.

1) Check the power supply to the cooler

Although this will not stop the water flowing through all coolers it can stop the flow of water on some. Often a cleaner may have removed a plug while cleaning and forgot to switch back or on. On most of our coolers there is a light on the front that should be lit. If this is not lit then just check the power lead and plugs.

2) Give your bottle a hug – Resolves an airlock in the water cooler

It is possible that an airlock has occured in the internal pipework in the cooler. To resolve this we recommend simply lifting the bottle of top of the cooler up above the cooler and then replacing it back in position. Then squeeze the bottle gently using a ‘hug’ type grasp. This will increase the internal water pressure in the cooler and should push through any airlock.

3) Is it just the hot tap that is not working?

Some of our coolers have hot and cold options. The hot water tap is fed by a different tank and sometimes can become blocked. If this is the case then try step 2 – and then otherwise contact us and we will arrange for an engineer to come out.

4) Does the bottle need changing?

We do not mean to insult people with this one. Often coolers that are positioned near direct sunlight need a bottle cover over the water bottle to prevent the water becoming compromised. Please just check that there is water in the bottle above the cooler.

If none of the above tips work then please give us a call and we will try to help troubleshoot your water cooler over the phone. Alternatively leave a comment on this blog or lastly just send an email to