Plumbed Water CoolersThe impact of BRC compliance on South African manufacturing & service companies looking to work with companies in the UK should not  be understated.

A BRC audit process can take many months and mean that South African businesses need to look at all parts of their business to ensure that they adhere to the standards and will pass an initial audit process. Often key to securing long term contracts with British companies, BRC compliance is a stepping stone for South African businesses. It can however be seen as a positive internal auditing procedure that allows key decision makers to look at their business model & practices through objective standards.

Our customers have recently been asking us about one section of BRC compliance related to the provision of tap water/drinking water and how to adhere to the BRC standards. Within Southern Africa the provision of tap water has often been limited to the catering/kitchen parts of a factory or office, and that doesn’t cut the mustard for the BRC.

A BRC compliance audit will look to the availability of drinking water across all levels of your organisation and across all the geo-parts of your business. The regulation detail regarding the provision of tap water is shown below –

Provision of tap water must be visible and freely available. Such provision could include via an accessible tap, a drinking fountain or water dispenser, or by jug(s)/bottle(s) and glasses available on a table. This availability must be promoted via appropriate signage. Catering staff will be able to direct consumers to free drinking water and ensure its availability. Free tap water must be available or promoted via appropriate signage wherever drinks are sold or provided. In buildings where tap water is not suitable for drinking then free vend water must be supplied.

The Water Cooler Company has a range of suitable options for companies looking to adhere to these drinking water standards. From bottled water coolers through to plumbed water coolers, from drinking fountains through to extensive water filtration solutions. We are here to work with you and find a solution for your employees and to give your company success in one part of the BRC compliance conundrum.