Hydration is an important aspect for any athlete who wishes to perform at an optimum level. Fluid intake can regulate body temperature and blood pressure while transporting essential energy and nutrients.

How can you ensure that you get the optimum hydration as an athlete? It’s not an exact science, however, you can follow these tips to ensure that your water intake is substantial enough.

Follow A Hydration Plan

Know how much water you should consume every day and make that you make that your goal every day. Men should aim for around 3.7 Litres per day, while women should aim for 2.7 Litres per day.

Monitor Fluid Loss

Weighing yourself before and after physical activity will help you identify dehydration. As little as a 1% change in your body weight can be an indicator of dehydration.  Ensure that you drink 2 and a half cups of water around 2 to 4 hours prior to performing a workout. During the exercise, you should consume about half to one cup every 20 minutes. After exercise, within 30 minutes, aim to drink 1 cup and around 3 cups for every 500grams of body weight lost during your workout.

Lookout For The Signs

Your body will do its best to let you know when you when you are dehydrating. These signs include a decline of coordination, cramping, a decline in performance, fatigue and energy loss. These signs are indicators that you should decrease your workout intensity and increase your hydration.

Food For Hydration

You don’t have to rely on water to be your sole source of hydration. Loads of fruits and vegetables have a large quantity. Fruits especially will give you a good energy boost, try consuming a portion of fruit an hour before your workout.

Ensure that you take small hydration breaks throughout your workout. If you are performing a prolonged activity, which refers to activity lasting 60 minutes or longer, we would recommend including an isotonic sports drink to ensure that you get minerals and electrolytes you need.

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