Whether you are a big corporation in Durban, or Johannesburg, or a local SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise) we can tell you one thing; you don’t necessarily need to buy a water cooler – you can also rent it.

Bottled Water Cooler Rental

Our range of rental water coolers is a practical solution for dispensing our premium quality bottled water in homes or offices. Take a browse on our wide selection of bottled water coolers and find the right water cooler rental options for your workplace.

We pride ourselves in service delivery. We can provide a self-sanitisation kit or put you in touch with one of our trusted partner companies who will contact you and arrange for a regular sanitisation service.

Plumbed Water Cooler Rental

Depending on your needs, a plumbed-in water dispenser might just be the solution you are looking for. Our range of plumbed-in units will provide you with an unlimited supply of hot, cold or ambient, filtered water without the hassle of ordering replacement bottles.

We will arrange an appointment for our installation engineer to install your cooler. If plumbing work needs to be done, then we arrange for our professional plumbing contractors to complete this for you. All mains-fed water machines have a filter change and sanitisation every six months by one of our trained, experienced engineers.

Browse our selection of plumbed-in water cooler rentals and find the right hydration solution for your needs.

The Water Cooler Company ZA provides an energy efficient and convenient solution for your business. Our stylish water coolers chill water for a refreshing, healthy drink or heats it up for instant coffee, teas and meals.

If you require further information or have any query, please contact us on 021 813 6631 or send us an email at sales@pressurecoolers.co.uk and we will be happy to deliver a water cooler whether you own it or rent it from us.