Water filters help remove harmful contaminants found in your water cooler. If you don’t properly filter your water, you and your family could end up drinking unsafe bacteria and chemicals.

Why should I use a water filter?

Water is essential to life. Humans are composed of 70% water. The water you put into your body is transported to every cell and organ. You want your water to be as pure and healthy as possible.

Regular tap water can be filled with harmful contaminants that can actually damage your health. Most water filters are able to completely reduce harmful contaminants while maintaining a healthy level of fluoride, which promotes strong teeth and maintains water ph.

A sure-fire way to ensure the health of your family members is by protecting your water source and the investing in a substantial water filtration system.

How often should I replace my water filter?

The basic rule is that water cooler filters should be replaced every 6-12 months. How often you change your water cooler sometimes depends on how much you use the water cooler and what the manufacturer recommends to get optimal performance. Our water coolers are specifically designed with water purification in mind, and each unit comes complete with water filter cartridges that are built to last.

Keep your drinking water pure and healthy with The Water Cooler Company ZA filters. We offer a wide range of water choices of filtration for your water cooler. Both options offer simple water cooler filters or water cooler filters with housing.

Our water cooler replacement filters are very easy to install, and only require a yearly change. If you need assistance with purchasing the right filter or looking to replace a filter, please feel free to send us an email at sales@drinkingwaters.co.za or alternatively call us on 021 813 6631.