summer hydration guide

Drinking an adequate amount of water on a normal day is extremely important, so what about during Summer?

Our body naturally loses water and electrolytes through sweating due to temperatures above the resting average body temperature. This is why we generally feel fatigued and lethargic during the day – it is our body telling us to stock up on essential nutrients and water.

Drinking between 7-8 glasses of pure water during the day will not only improve energy levels but help you avoid chronic fatigue and dehydration. If this is not reason enough to get you to drink your daily requirement, here are more reasons to drink your water.

More Reasons To Drink More Water:

Avoid constipation – water helps the body move waste easily from point A to point B. A lack of water causes waste to slow down and stop moving.

Avoid stomach ulcers – water protects and lubricates the stomach lining, preventing the reduction of the lining. If the lining within the stomach gets too thin, this could result in stomach ulcers.

A body cleanse – help your body to flush out any toxins found in the blood. Pumping fresh water through your system also helps with oxygen and blood flow.

Improves productivity – one way to boost your productivity is to consume more water. The brain functions optimally when the body is in peak condition.

Tips To Help You Consume More Water

  • Have 2 glasses per meal – to make things simple, consume 1 glass of water before your meal and 1 glass after. By doing this, you will easily consume 8 glasses of water over 4 meals. Not only are you eating regularly which helps with digestion, but you are also fuelling your body with the nutrients and water it needs to perform optimally.
  • Substitute the fizzy/sugary drinks – a great way to make consuming water fun is to infuse your water with some of your favourite fruits or vegetables. Grab a jug, slice up some cucumber and lemon, fill your jug and pop it in the fridge. Your water will be refreshingly chilled and delicious.
  • Carry a bottle with you – life gets a bit busy and sometimes we forget to drink our water. By carrying your water bottle with you, you can fill up and hydrate on the go.

Summer can be difficult if you don’t drink enough water. Dehydration can cause some serious health troubles, but this can be avoided easily by implementing and sticking to some of the tips listed above.

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