Our tap water system may be good, but it’s far from flawless.

Tap water is dirtier than it looks. Even “clean” drinking water that flows from the tap isn’t what most of us would think of as clean. Tap water can contain dirt, bacteria, chemicals, minerals and other impurities that make it smell and taste bad.

Due to the high risk associated with impure water, the demand for water filtration has never been higher. Our natural resources are also under pressure, as we grapple with pollution, climate change, and a rapidly growing population. Unfortunately, tap water, which is meant to be safe for drinking, can be quite harmful as contaminants affect overall water quality.  Additionally, physical, chemical and microbiological impurities from various water sources make water even more unsafe for consumption.

Reasons to Filter Your Tap Water

  • Filtering water can result in not only better tasting, but also better smelling water by removing chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, bacterial contaminants and heavy metals.
  • Point-of-use water treatment filters remove a wide range of contaminants from drinking water including chlorine, chemicals, and up to 240 other volatile organic compounds.
  • Research has established that water filters reduce the risk of certain cancers including colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer by ridding water of chlorine and chlorine by-products.
  • Carbon water filters are designed to selectively remove toxic contaminants from drinking water and still retain healthy mineral deposits that help to balance the pH of drinking water.
  • Filtered water is vital for children as it provides, clean, healthy water that’s essential for their immune systems.

Drinking clean, filtered water leads to general overall wellbeing and also helps to prevent disease. If you would like to purchase a water filter from us or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0218136631 and we will help you choose the right filter.