What Is Greywater?  

Greywater can be defined as the leftover wastewater that is generated from water use, excluding sewage or water that has been contaminated with food. Greywater may contain traces of dirt, food, grease, hair, and certain household cleaning products or any number of other impurities. 

Some examples of greywater include leftover water from sinks, showers, baths, washing machines or dishwashers. 

Why Should You Save Greywater? 

Water is a precious resource and where it can be re-used, it should be. If water is looked after carefully, it will be able to benefit future generations to come and slow down the need for water restrictions and penalties. In addition, greywater is also a cost-effective way to save water. 

How Do You Save Greywater? 

Greywater can be saved by storing any left-over water. An example would be saving the leftover water from after having a bath. This left-over water would then be stored in a bucket or container. 

Greywater Uses 

There are several uses for greywater. Some include watering plants in your house or garden and flushing toilets. 

Greywater Do’s 

  • Use your greywater within 24 hours. Storing the water any longer will result in a bad odour. 
  • Use non-toxic cleaning agents and products where possible. 
  • Minimise your contact with the greywater. 

Greywater Don’ts 

  • Don’t drink or cook with greywater. 
  • Don’t leave greywater out where pets or children could drink it.
  • Don’t put/leave your greywater outside where children play. 
  • Don’t use greywater in your swimming pool. 
  • Don’t allow your greywater to pool on the surface of the soil. Standing water will provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Don’t use water that contains sewage or food contaminants.
  • Don’t use laundry water that has been used to wash nappies. 
  • Don’t use greywater if a family member or someone on the property has an infectious illness. 

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