With the rise of COVID-19, we have found ourselves confined to four walls in our house but are allowed out for essential services and grocery trips to your nearest store. The lockdown has had some negative effects on our health, particularly because we find ourselves eating to pass time.

Sugary Snacks Stockpile

Social media is abuzz with people sharing their experiences of uncontrollable snacking and cravings for something sweet. The fact is, sugar has been used to comfort us from restless infants through to our adult lives and this is where we find ourselves. Although a monitored amount of sugar can be healthy for us, excessive amounts can lead to serious illness and disease later down the line.

The Cure – Drink More Water!

If you find yourself snacking on chips, chocolates, and washing it down with fizzy drinks, we suggest you cut it in half. Give your body time to digest and burn the excess sugar and consume more water to aid in digestion, cleanse the blood, and detoxes the body.

Drinking water may seem like the obvious solution but many fail to see water as an essential and crucial part of the body functioning properly and optimally. Water not only helps with digestion but helps lubricate organs and keep them in their healthy state.

The Recommendations

The recommended daily intake of water has always been around 2 litres a day. While this amount of water is sufficient for the working-class individuals who refrains from overindulging in sugary sweets and drinks, there should be an additional 250ml of water added to this for one isolated during lockdown to counter and balance the amount of water with sugar.

Spice It Up

Drinking that much water can become, let’s say, bland. While best consumed in its natural form, water can be made fun too.

  • Add sliced lemon to your water. The acidity of the lemon aids in fighting the common cold and flu.
  • Cucumber and mint is a great way to add freshness and a slight flavour to your beverage.
  • Fresh fruits like strawberry and watermelon are great additions as well. 

Let’s all try to make better choices during this lockdown to come out stronger and in better health than when we went in. Stay safe and practice social distancing and personal hygiene.