Plumbed Water Coolers

Enjoy an unlimited supply of drinking water at the touch of a button.
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An unlimited supply of filtered water at a fixed cost.

The Water Cooler Company provides bottleless water coolers for office environments where bottles are unsuitable or the costs are prohibitive.

Bottleless Water Coolers are linked into your mains water supply. The water is filtered and then dispensed as either chilled water, room temperature or hot water at the touch of a button.

Offering you the benefits of filtered drinking water at a fixed cost throughout the year – our water coolers mean that you’ll never have to change heavy jugs of water, or worry about bottle storage.

Our plumbed water coolers are often preferred in larger offices as they offer the provision of drinking water to staff or customers at a fixed cost.

A bottleless water cooler is a wise option for high traffic areas.

Whether you are planning a new office or looking to change away from bottled water cooler, a bottleless water cooler is the best option if you are able to link to  your mains water supply. Many of our customers use a combination of plumbed-in coolers and bottled coolers to get the best fit solution.

We recommend six monthly servicing for all coolers when we sanitise your water cooler, replace the water filter and ensure that your water cooler keeps your water tasting fresh.

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Plumbed Water Cooler

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Plumbed Water Cooler

How a bottleless water cooler works.

The bottleless water cooler is connected directly to the mains water supply with discrete food grade flexible tubing. This means the cooler can be positioned many metres from the mains water without the need for any additional plumbing. The water is then taken through a carbon based filter system which removes 99.99% of impurities from the water, and finally is chilled/heated in the water cooler and used in a normal way.

Installation and Servicing of bottleless water coolers.

After the free site survey has been completed and we are in agreement as to location of your water cooler, we will arrange an appointment for our installation engineer to install your cooler. If plumbing work needs to be done then we arrange for our professional plumbing contractors to complete this for you. All mains-fed water machines have a filter change and sanitisation every six months by one of our trained, experienced engineers.

Considerations for the installation of a bottleless water cooler.

You need to have access to a potable mains water supply nearby and an electricity point within three metres of your proposed water cooler site.