Long term and robust water dispensers suitable for demanding enviroments.
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Long term hydration solutions.

At the Water Cooler Company, we offer a range of drinking fountains for purchase to customers across South Africa. Drinking water fountains are an ideal long-term hydration solution for environments in need of easily accessible drinking water.

We are an independent company that supplies a selection of both indoor and outdoor drinking fountains. Take a browse below and find the right water dispenser for you:

Outdoor Floor Standing Drinking Fountains

Outdoor Floor Standing

Drinking Fountains

Outdoor Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains

Outdoor Wall Mounted

Drinking Fountain

Indoor Floor Standing Drinking Fountains

Indoor Floor Standing

Drinking Fountains

Indoor Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains

Indoor Wall Mounted

Drinking Fountains

How A Drinking Fountain Works

A drinking fountain is directly connected to your mains water supply and drainage system with flexible food grade tubing. You can position your fountain many metres from the mains water supply without the need for additional plumbed due to the tubing.

Water then flows through a carbon based filter inside the fountain which then removes the contaminants and impurities from the water. Finally, the water is chilled in the drinking fountain and dispensed.

Installing and Serving Your Drinking Fountains

Before installing your drinking water fountain or water cooler, we will arrange for one of our experienced engineers to conduct a free site survey to find the optimal location for your water dispenser. We recommend that prior to your installation of your drinking water fountain, you locate a space that has access to both a potable mains water supply and electrical point within three metres or so.

If you need additional plumbing for your water cooler or drinking fountain, we can arrange for a professional third party plumbing contractor to conduct this on your behalf. We highly recommend that all drinking fountain water filters are changed every six months.

About The Water Cooler Company

We are a fully certified, EDWCA certified water cooler company with a team of engineers who install, maintain and troubleshoot for customers. We are proud of our service and especially the references our clients have given us over the years.

The Water Cooler Company is part of Drinking Waters – Africa’s largest independent water solution supplier.