The main reason customers look to invest in a plumbed-in water machine is that it has the ability to produce a constant supply of filtered water to a wide range of environments. These types of water coolers have become extremely popular in the USA and the UK as they are a low maintenance hydration workhorse.

The Water Cooler Company aims to become South Africa’s leading water machine supplier. We have setup a network of trusted engineers nationwide, who  can assist with installing, maintaining and servicing water machines across the country.


How A Plumbed-in Water Machine Works

A plumbed water machine is directly connected to your potable mains water supply with food grade tubing. When installing your water cooler, it is vital to think about the location of your water supply and electrical points as if it is too far away you will need to think about additional plumbing.

Water flows from your water supply through a carbon based system that removes most impurities that are generally found in the water. Then it flows into the chilling or heating system in the water machine and is then dispensed through the taps.

The Installation and Maintenance of Plumbed Water Machines

Before we confirm the location of your water machine, we will arrange for a free site survey to be completed. Once both parties are in the agreement of the location of the water cooler, we will install it.

If additional plumbing is needed, we have built trusted long term relationships with third party contractors who will gladly conduct this on your behalf. All mains-fed water machines require a filter change and proper servicing very six months or so. This will be carried out by one of our highly experienced engineers.


What To Consider Before Installing Your Plumbed Water Machine

 Access to your mains water supply as well as an electrical point to plug your cooler into. We recommend that you consider a location within 3 metres of both.

For more information on our water dispensers or if you would like to find out what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 813 6631.